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"We were so lucky to have Caitlin as our doula during the birth of our son. Her grounded and incredibly calm presence was so reassuring during labor. Caitlin was so present with me, reminding me to breathe and relax between contractions. As my labor progressed she was very intuitive and knowledgeable about suggesting different positions to make me feel more comfortable. She had a great ability to anticipate my needs. If I was too hot, she would immediately have a cool washcloth on my forehead. If I was feeling thirsty, suddenly a source of hydration would appear. When I was experiencing lower back pain, she applied pressure in the perfect way. My labor was long and Caitlin was present the whole time. She was also a source of support and calming energy for my partner and mother during my labor.


Immediately after our son was born, Caitlin was there to support him in latching so that he could begin nursing. She provided me with information and guidance about what to expect with breastfeeding, especially as my milk came in. She came to visit us several times in the days and weeks after our son was born. Her coaching around breastfeeding and general infant care was so valuable. Caitlin's kind, professional, and gentle manner felt so supportive during what was both a beautiful and overwhelming experience. Her presence and care for our family allowed us to feel more relaxed and confident during those first precious and crazy weeks as new parents. We are so grateful to her and highly recommend her! She is a gem!"

– Abby, San Rafael, CA

"For my second home birth, I asked Caitlin to attend it and provide emotional and physical support. I knew how long and exhausting home births can be and wanted a caring and sensitive woman there with me. The most lovely thing about Caitlin is her intuition and connection to the birthing mama. Because of her- I always had a full cup of something to hydrate me, some calming music nearby and her loving hands to hold onto. Her trust and knowledge of the birth process and the needs of a birthing mama allowed me to remain in "the zone" and not worry about all the details."        


– Amber, Sutter Creek, CA

"Caitlin attended the birth of my second child. My labor was already fairly advanced when she arrived (it went much more quickly than I anticipated!) and I was deep in a contraction and didn't look up to greet her. However, I remember hearing in my husband's voice how grateful her was for the back-up, and he took a break and let Caitlin sit with me through my next contraction. It was a seamless transition in birth partners—she was calm, centering, and supportive. When it came time for my daughter to be born, I remember Caitlin reminding me to "go low", as my voice was rising in timbre. That helped me to refocus my energy and my daughter was born moments later. While the nurses were busy taking care of other things, Caitlin helped my baby find my nipple and begin nursing immediately. We were so lucky to have her calming presence there with us."

– Jessie, Napa, CA

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