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In my work with families over the years, 

the most consistent message coming across is that parenting in these times is just not sustainable. Even before the pandemic, people here in California were feeling battered and grief-stricken by the ongoing threat and horror of wildfires in our communities.


Our society is deeply suffering from years of political dysfunction, corporate greed, lack of affordable public services, and deeply entrenched systemic racism and misogyny. Sadly, what lies at the base of this is the devaluation of life. We find ourselves caught on a hamster wheel, trying to keep up with a culture that is obsessed with "productivity," often quietly wondering to ourselves where the purpose lies. Bringing children into this world can feel very complicated, to say the least.

My passion lies here--helping mothers and parents maneuver the very challenging work of staying centered and strong and rebelliously joyous during these times. Our children are constantly observing and mirroring us. I have found, and believe deeply, that mothers are the center around which the family's universe turns. This brings a lot of responsibility, power, and potential for growth. But we have to show up and do the work.

So where do we begin? We start with building our capacity. This looks different for each of us individually, but there are common threads. My goal is to help you discover a path through parenting that goes beyond mere survival, to a place of healing and growth. There truly are no better teachers than our children.

We are not the waves, we are the ocean.

We are not the clouds, we are the sky.

It's important to recognize that, as humans and particularly as women, we cycle with the moon and the seasons. There are practical ways to build this knowledge into our lives as we raise babies and children. There are ways we feed ourselves, and deplete ourselves, in the process. There is a saner path forward.


Everyone wants to hold the baby...who will hold the mother? 

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