Statements & Policies

About my pricing

In a more ideal society, these types of vital human services would be available at low to no cost. Having worked in healthcare for over a decade, I am fully aware of how backwards and broken our system can be. However, my prices are set to reflect the true cost of what it takes to run this kind of business, including:

  • paying taxes to the government

  • accounting for payment processing fees

  • travel times, fuel, and vehicle maintenance  

  • individualized preparation and follow-up for clients' specific needs

  • HIPAA-compliant software and communications technology costs

  • paying myself a living wage in Sonoma County

I do offer a discount for clients who are currently enrolled with WIC (email me for those appointments). Beyond that, my prices are firm. Hopefully clients can see these costs as a very worthy investment in the health and well-being of their families. And I am happy to report that I can now accept insurance for some PPO plans.


How many visits will it take?

Sometimes one breastfeeding consult will be all it takes to set you and your baby on the right track. I have definitely found that families who have a Prenatal Visit usually require less follow-up after baby arrives. 

However, it is best to plan for the possibility that a follow-up visit may be necessary...sometimes several. Breastfeeding in the context of postpartum/newborn life can be just plain challenging... and an IBCLC doesn't always have a magic solution right away. But with patience and compassion, we can work together in order to meet your feeding goals.

My policies regarding payments, cancellation and insurance reimbursement:

Upon booking an appointment, clients will be emailed the official versions of my Consent for Care and Payment Policies (along with a personalized link to my intake forms). We cannot proceed with your visit until these forms are returned electronically to me.

At the time of booking, you will submit a credit card as form of deposit, which will be charged a small fee ($2.00) in order to hold your appointment. You cannot cancel or change your visit within 24 hours of the starting time; if you do so, a $100 cancellation fee will be charged to your card. I don't enjoy doing this, so please plan accordingly. In the case of a verifiable emergency, I will not charge your card, or the fee may be returned. Thanks for understanding.

After your visit, your card on file will be charged, unless you choose to pay with a check or cash beforehand. 

The Affordable Care Act requires that insurance companies reimburse for lactation services. While I am currently only contracted with a few insurance companies, I can and will provide you with a "Superbill" receipt for my services, which you can individually submit to your insurance company. Unfortunately I cannot do much beyond that, and cannot guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you. You can always call them beforehand for guidance.

Communications after your appointment:

I am available for one week following your last appointment for email or text follow-up. After that time frame, you will need to schedule a new appointment. Thank you for understanding.


Gender, Inclusivity and anti-bias statement

Pacific Moon Lactation is anti-racist, inclusive, and committed to the principals of equity and informed consent.

I recognize that systemic racism and gender discrimination exist and negatively impact marginalized peoples in every facet of our society.


I am committed to educating myself and others about the impacts of racism and misogyny, particularly in relationship to healthcare, maternal/child health, and breastfeeding. I am committed to donating financially each year to organizations like the Perinatal Health Equity Initiative.

In this work, I often use the words "mother,""maternal," and of course "breastfeeding." I want to be clear that my intention is to make everyone feel included, no matter how you identify. While the majority of my work experience has been with cis-gender women, I pursue trainings and self-education in gender inclusivity and am engaged in the path of checking and owning my own biases. As my work in this field evolves, my language will probably change.

As a white cis-gender woman of privilege, I am awake, learning, and open to feedback.

My goal is for everyone to exist in the world feeling safe and valued--babies, children, and adults.



"The most lethal part of the body is not the fist, but the eye. What people see, and how people see it, has everything to do with power."


~Alok Vaid-Menon,

Beyond the Gender Binary